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At Fumba Beach Lodge we have our own watersport centre, for exclusive use of the guests. At the watersport centre we offer a great range of activities, ranging from PADI Diving Courses to Kayak rental.

About The Area

Fumba Beach Lodge runs parallel to Ukombe Reef (our house reef and is 8k in length) on the Indian Ocean. After travelling on a traditional Zanzibari Dhow boat for a 20-25 min ride you may enjoy either the humpback dolphins or the bottlenose dolphins! Ukombe is an amazingly healthy abundant reef with a bottom depth of 15 to 18 metres, the top of the reef is only 3 to 5 metres below the surface and offers a variety of colourful reef fish.

The sea here has very generous macro life! Many species of nudibranches, leaf fish, frog fish, several types of scorpion and lion fish, clownfish, cowfish, boxfish, seahorses, pipe fish, banner fish, Moorish idols, butterfly fish, many species of wrasse and some parrot fish, coronet and trumpet fish, many types of eels, up-side-down jelly fish and moon jellies, shrimps, crabs and lobsters…the list is endless!

The reef itself has the most beautiful leaf coral that looks like a rose garden, finger corals, elkhorn coral, table coral, many types of soft corals, mushroom coral, leather coral, sea whips and sea pens, anemones, gorgonian coral, barrel, fan, tube and finger sponges.

Activities on Offer

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Scuba Diving

Sunset Cruise

Scuba Diving Courses

For those of you that want to learn how to dive (please contact us for prices, eLearning instruction, and booking your spot with our PADI instructor!

We offer the following PADI courses:

Please note: We offer eLearning (online course instead of reading text) so that you may complete your Theory online in the comfort of your home prior to arrival. This way you can spend more time enjoying your surroundings and enjoy diving rather than be stuck in a classroom!

For prices, bookings or inquiries please contact:

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Do you have any questions, for example, about transfers to and from the airport, or do you have any special dietary requirements? Please contact us.

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Dive off our boat to explore the wonders of Ukombe Reef with our expert local guides. The 2-3 hour trip gives you the opportunity to sample a small piece of the beauty this area has to offer at a leisurely pace.

For those wanting to experience some solo exploration we also rent out a range of water sport equipment and snorkeling equipment.

  • Double and Single Kayaks 
  • Snorkel equipment                          
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding

After an extensive snorkel on the lively Ukombe Reef you will travel to one of our secluded atoll islands located in Menai Bay. A gourmet buffet lunch prepared by the Lodge chef is then served while you enjoy the islands treats; swimming in the turquoise blue water, lounging on the soft white beaches, and exploring the lush green mangrove forest. To keep with the tranquillity of the day, you will return to the Lodge under sail on our traditional Dhow boat.

Plunge into the wonders of Menai Bay to get a closer look at the beauty with a scuba dive. Perfect for the advanced or beginner diver, the protected waters of Menai Bay range in depth from 5 to 35 meters. The wide variety of sites ensures that every dive sees something new, and includes drifts along reef walls, a sea mountain and coral gardens. Our Scuba Pro and Aqualung equipment is serviced and maintained to the highest standards and comes in all shapes and sizes.

We leave approximately 30 minutes before sunset with our traditional Dhow boat and drive around Pig Island while the sun goes under the horizon. While we are on the boat a beer or wine will be served and enjoy the beautiful sunset on the ocean.